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What's New

LEGO® Snake Showdown LG10722

LEGO® Rally Car LG10589

LEGO Ice Cream Truck LG10586

LEGO Ariel’s Dolphin Carriage LG10723

LEGO Mixels Trumpsy LG41562

LEGO Mixels Tapsy LG41561

LEGO Mixels Jamzy LG41560

LEGO Mixels Paladum LG41559

LEGO Mixels Mixadel LG41558

LEGO Mixels Camillot LG41557

LEGO Mixels Tiketz LG41556

LEGO Mixels Busto LG41555

LEGO Mixels Kuffs LG41554

LEGO Display Team Jet 2 in 1- LG42044

LEGO Utility Shuttle LG60078-V

LEGO Airjitzu Wrayth Flyer LG70744

LEGO First Order Snowspeeder LG75100-V

LEGO Star Wars First Order Battle Pack LG75132

LEGO Star Wars Rebel Alliance Battle Pack LG75133

LEGO DUPLO Fire Boat LG10591

LEGO Juniors Family House LG10686


LEGO Heartlake Private Jet LG41100

LEGO Technic Getaway Racer LG42046

LEGO Airjitzu Morro Flyer 70743 LG70743

LEGO Jango Fett LG75107

LEGO Star Wars The Ghost LG75127

LEGO Star Wars AT-DP LG75130

LEGO Star Wars Galactic Empire Battle Pack LG75134

LEGO Classic Creative Bricks LG10692


LEGO Star Wars First Order Snowspeeder LG75126

LEGO Friends Pop Star Limousine LG41107

LEGO Creator Blue Power Jet 3 in 1 LG31039

LEGO® Jungle Falls Rescue LG41033

LEGO Technic Hydroplane Racer 2 in 1 LG42045

LEGO Garbage Truck LG60118

LEGO Juniors Road Work Truck LG10683

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar LG41102

LEGO Technic Fire Plane 2 in 1 LG42040

LEGO Airjitzu Jay Flyer LG70740

LEGO Darth Vader LG75111

LEGO Creator Chopper Transporter 3 in 1 – LG31043

LEGO Creator Fast Car 3 in 1 – LG31046

LEGO Creator Propeller Plane 3 in 1 – LG31047

LEGO Painting Easter Eggs LG40121

LEGO Space Starter Set LG60077

LEGO Ambulance Plane LG60116

LEGO Ninjago Lava Falls LG70753

LEGO Emma’s Creative Workshop LG41115

LEGO Creator Desert Racers 3 in 1 – LG31040

LEGO Party Cakes LG41112

LEGO Olivia’s Exploration Car LG41116

LEGO Fire Ladder Truck LG60107

LEGO Airjitzu Cole Flyer LG70741

LEGO Minifigures – The Simpsons Series 2 {Random bag} LG71009

LEGO Friends Heartlake Skate Park LG41099

LEGO 4 x 4 Off Roader LG60115

LEGO Van & Caravan LG60117

LEGO Construction Vehicles 3 in 1 LG31041

LEGO Party Styling LG41114

LEGO Heartlake Food Market LG41108-V

LEGO Party Train LG41111-1

LEGO Party Gift Shop LG41113

LEGO Friends Pop Star Show Stage LG41105

LEGO Obi Wan Kenobi LG75109-V

LEGO Rey’s Speeder LG75099-V

LEGO Luke Skywalker LG75110-V

LEGO Police Pursuit LG60128

LEGO Adventure Camp Archery LG41120

LEGO Creator Super Soarer 3 in 1 LG31042

LEGO City Deep Sea Submarine LG60092

LEGO Prison Island Starter Set LG60127

LEGO City Deep Sea Scuba Scooter LG60090

LEGO Friends Pop Star Recording Studio LG41103

LEGO Friends Pop Star Dressing Room LG41104

LEGO Tire Escape LG60126

LEGO Fire Starter Set LG60106

LEGO City Deep Sea Starter Set LG60091

LEGO Halloween Bat LG40009

LEGO Rally Car LG60113

LEGO Fire ATV LG60105

LEGO Race Boat LG60114

LEGO Friends Turtle’s Little Paradise LG41041

LEGO Friends Penguins Playground LG41043

LEGO Tiger’s Beautiful Temple LG41042

LEGO Minifigures, Series 14: Monsters LG71010

LEGO Minifigures – Series 15 LG71011

LEGO Creative Building Box LG10695

LEGO Creative Supplement Bright LG10694

LEGO Creative Supplement LG10693

LEGO City Starter Set LG60086

LEGO Racing Bike Transporter LG60084

LEGO Snowplough Truck LG60083

LEGO Dune Buggy Trailer LG60082

LEGO Pickup Tow Truck LG60081

LEGO Demolition Site LG60076

LEGO City Excavator and Truck LG60075

LEGO Bulldozer LG60074

LEGO SUV with Watercraft LG60058

LEGO Camper Van LG60057

LEGO Monster Truck LG60055

LEGO Prisoner Transporter LG60043

LEGO Flying Phoenix Fire Temple LG70146

LEGO 24 Hours Race Car LG42039

LEGO Formula Off-Roader LG42037

LEGO Mining Truck LG42035

LEGO Compact Tracked Loader LG42032

LEGO Cherry Picker LG42031

LEGO Technic Customized Pick-Up Truck LG42029

LEGO Bulldozer LG42028

LEGO Volkswagen T1 Camper Van LG10220

Vulture Droid

Clone Turbo Tank


Jedi Interceptor

Kashyyyk Troopers

General Grievous’ Wheel Bike

Battle on Saleucami

Droid Gunship


Death Star Troopers

V-Wing Starfighter

Utapau Troopers

Hover Hunter

OverBorg Attack

Nindroid MechDragon

Kai Fighter

Thunder Raider


Furno Jet Machine


Sunshine Ranch

Mia’s Lemonade Stand

Stephanie’s New Born Lamb

Stepahnie’s Beach House

Sunshine Harvest

Emma’s Lifeguard Post

City Park Cafe

Heartlake Juice Bar

Dusty and Chug

Pink Suitcase

Blue Suitcase

Turbo Quad

LEGO Forest Animals LG31019

Power Digger

Sunset Speeder

Twinblade Adventures

Mountain Hut

Red Thunder

Furry Creatures

Splitter Beast vs. Furno & Evo

Rocka Stealth Machine

Furno Jet Machine

Jaw Beast Vs. Stormer

Flyer Beast Vs. Breez

EVO Walker

Castle Cavalry

Cloud Cuckoo Palace

Melting Room

Super Cycle Chase

Getaway Glider

Lord Business’ Evil Lair

Bad Cop’s Pursuit

Trash Chomper

Emma’s Karate Class

Mia’s Magic Tricks


Aviation Adventures

Tree House

Power Mech

Mini Skyflyer

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