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Heartlake High



The school is mainly yellow, with blue and purple hilights and white windows, it also has a dark blue roof. The set includes three mini-dolls, Stephanie, Matthew and Ms. Stevens and a blue bike for Stephanie to ride.

The school also includes an outdoor basketball hoop, which stands on a grey baseplate and has a TECHNIC piece leading up to the white hoop, behind the hoop there’s a sticker that says HLC over a basket ball with purple squares behind it. It also includes a basketball and pink flowers.

The set also includes an outdoor bench and table or study area. It is stood on cream arch pieces, there’s two long purple flat tiles sitting on top of it, on each side. In the middle of the purple tiles is a cream brick on each side and on top of it sits a brown table top. On the table top is situated a black laptop, pink flowers, and yellow and pink flowers in a glass.

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